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ways to cut heating costs

5 Quick Ways to Cut Your Heating Costs

Another way to save money this year is to turn the heat down a couple degrees when you aren’t home. Although this may not work for everyone, such as those that have pets, just a change of a couple degrees can lower … Read More
air quality testing

5 Signs You Need to Repair the Boiler

Like any piece of HVAC equipment, your boiler is designed to withstand a lot of constant use. A boiler service and repair company will tell you that the average life expectancy of a boiler is between 10 and 15 years, but… Read More
air quality testing

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality in the Home

At home and at work, a key element of our health that is often not considered is the quality of air that we are breathing. Poor indoor air quality can lead to a number of health issues. Oftentimes, individuals don’t … Read More
hvac systems cleaning

Know When Duct Cleaning is Worth It in Your Home

When considering utilizing duct cleaning services, you want to first determine if it is worth your time and money. While HVAC duct cleaning has become a popular spring cleaning task, if no one in your home is suffering … Read More
heating system repair and replacement

5 Tips Worth Notice for Your Heating System

We expect our heating unit to last forever. While modern devices feature plenty of great durability, they're not impervious to problems. Most systems last an average of up to 15 years. After that time is up, efficiency … Read More
 Air conditioning system repair

How to Avoid Common HVAC Problems in the Summer

HVAC problems during the summer can make a breakdown more likely to happen because of hot and humid weather. There are some common HVAC issues that arise during the summer, but there are also ways to combat these issues … Read More
 A white programmable thermostat with buttons to set the temperature for different time and 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

Using a Programmable Thermostat: Optimal Settings for Maximum Energy Savings

If you don’t already have a programmable thermostat, getting one could improve your home’s energy efficiency and have a huge positive impact on your comfort indoors. When used correctly, programmable thermostats help… Read More
Large outdoor air conditioning unit on cement platforms

7 Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Replacement

When the weather gets hot, the best way to stay comfortable is to turn on your air conditioner and relax indoors. With usual maintenance, your AC unit should perform efficiently and keep your home at cool temperatures … Read More
An open bedroom window to let cool evening air inside and keep the air conditioning system efficient.

Energy Efficiency: 7 Air Conditioning Efficiency Tips

Summer is on it’s way here, and if you aren’t already using your air conditioner, you will need it soon. And since cooling expenses can make up over half of your utility bill in the summer, our HVAC experts made up a… Read More