How to Quiet a Noisy Air Conditioner

noicy air conditioner
Aug 2018 10

You will likely agree that when you are sitting inside your home in the heat of summer, trying to relax with friends and enjoy your weekend, the last thing you want is a noisy air conditioner. And yet we have all been there, where we are dealing with an annoying buzzing, whistling, or whirring sound that just won’t let up. No more! Here are some suggestions for how to reduce air conditioner noise in your home.

Find the Problem

Before you can figure out how to quiet a noisy window air conditioner, or one installed outside your house, it is important to find out what the problem might be and what is causing the noise.

Indoor Components

If the noise seems to be coming from the inside and is particularly loud when you are in certain parts of your home, it might be due to problems with the ductwork or vents, in which case one might be blocked, obstructing airflow. This can happen from things such as dust, dander, or pet hair, and it means it is important to try to determine how to reduce noise from return air. Ductwork problems likely require the services of a professional to find the source of obstruction or the root of the problem.

Outdoor Components

If the noise your unit is emitting is not as loud inside the home, or is more of a squealing, hissing, or buzzing sound, it might be related to the outside components. This is not uncommon for people who find themselves needing to focus on window air conditioner noise reduction, where they need to select an option that can quiet the unit from the outdoors.

Choose a Solution

Based on what you determine to be the cause of the problem and whether it is inside or out, here are some possible solutions:

Air Conditioner Cleaning

First and foremost, arrange to have your unit professionally cleaned. A cleaning will involve all components including ducts, vents, compressor, and motor, and this alone may be all that is necessary. If it is still noisy, your cleaning technician will be able to investigate further after cleaning.

Air Conditioner Sound Proofing

There are a few different methods to sound proof your unit, but most of them entail installing a type of panel that acts as a barrier or sound silencer. The panel material, size and construction will vary depending on your unit, so be sure to contact your local HVAC experts to determine what is best for you.

Air Conditioner Noise Reduction Blanket

Blankets are an appropriate and popular solution for reducing air conditioner noise that is coming from the compressor. Simple to use and install, simply purchase the blanket and then follow the instructions to place it over top of your unit. In addition to reducing noise, it also acts as a protective barrier for your air conditioner.

Ask for Help

Air conditioning units can be complex and intricate, so don’t be alarmed if you just can’t seem to figure out what the problem is. For that, you can call in the professionals who know all about each component, both indoor and out, and will be able to quickly quiet things down.