5 Signs You Need to Repair the Boiler

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Dec 2017 13

Like any piece of HVAC equipment, your boiler is designed to withstand a lot of constant use. A boiler service and repair company will tell you that the average life expectancy of a boiler is between 10 and 15 years, but there are many factors that determine how quickly the equipment becomes worn. Luckily, there are some telltale signs that your equipment is starting to go bad.

Bill Increases

Your utility bill can provide you with a lot of insight when it comes to your HVAC equipment. If a bill suddenly increases, it is usually a sign that your boiler is working harder to produce similar results. Inspect the equipment for noticeable signs of damage. If there are none, check the other HVAC units around your home to be on the safe side. Correct any issues or contact a boiler repair service right away.


A boiler furnace should never leak. While boilers work to heat water throughout the home, the water should always stay within it. Puddles of water around the water or obvious drips on pipes could be a sign of internal corrosion. You will need to contact a professional to make emergency boiler repairs or a replacement before the pipes burst.


Both residential and commercial boilers can make the occasional odd sound. This is usually caused by air trapped within the pipes or boiler. You might even hear a loud bang and have no other signs of damage. What people need to be aware of is hearing regular noises, as this could indicate that the pipes aren’t fitted correctly, the pump is failing, or another part needs to be replaced.

Keep in mind that older equipment may make noises more frequently. If you are unsure about whether or not the noise is a sign of damage, contact a local gas boiler service to schedule an inspection. You should never guess when it comes to your HVAC equipment!

Not Heating

Every small part of a boiler is important. If a boiler is no longer heating water or the water is starting to take longer to become warm, this is usually a sign of low water pressure. The boiler may also stop heating if the valve is broken. However, there are dozens of reasons why HVAC equipment can stop working all together. If you aren’t sure if a component is broken or the unit just isn’t working, check the piolet light. If the light is out or discolored, call a repair service right away.

Strange Smells

Does your water smell a little like eggs? Is there a musty smell coming from your boiler? Any boiler furnace that starts emitting a strange smell needs to be repaired or replaced immediately. This is usually a sign of a carbon monoxide leak or other serious issue.

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