5 Tips Worth Notice for Your Heating System

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Sep 2017 18

We expect our heating unit to last forever. While modern devices feature plenty of great durability, they're not impervious to problems. Most systems last an average of up to 15 years. After that time is up, efficiency begins to drop, and your HVAC needs more frequent repairs. The good news is with a little care and attention you can improve the longevity of your heating system.

Regular upkeep isn't the cure to everything, but a frequent check-up can increase your chances of heating solutions that stands the test of time. Follow these five tips for a stronger, more reliable HVAC.

Change Filters Regularly

The easiest way to keep your heating units for homes running smoothly, is to replace air filters regularly. You can do this every one to three months with relative ease. High quality filters sell at most home improvement stores, and are available in bulk online. Make sure you look for a good quality filter if you want to avoid paying over the odds for replacements. Floor heating systems may not need filter changes as frequently, but check with the manufacturer guidance for help.

Keep it Clean

When dusting and cleaning around your home, give your heating system some love. Stop around the vents and grilles and clean them both thoroughly to prevent the build-up of debris and dust. This should help to boost efficiency. Dirt can easily disrupt the performance of your heating system. Most people don't realize that dust from return air vents often builds in fan blades, accumulating to cause inefficiency and loud noises. The cleaner your system is, the better.

Keep Registers Clear and Open

Next, keep your registers clear and open whenever possible. Although this isn't always an easy process, be mindful when rearranging your rooms. To run well, heating systems must be balanced. Having your registers open will allow for free air flow. Closing or blocking your registers can sometimes prompt the formation of mold in ductwork. Obviously, radiant floor heating systems may make it harder to clear your registers.

Maintain Outside Units

It's not just central heating boilers and indoor heating solutions that need regular care. Every few months, go outside and check for any debris blocking your condensing units. Do this more frequently if you have a lot of bushes and trees. Pick up any debris, trim branches, and pull away weeds that might block the unit. Make sure that you don't store any kids' toys or lawn furniture around the unit either.

Get Frequent Inspections

Finally, you need to invest in professional maintenance or a heating repair service to keep your heating system running well. The HVAC manual will recommend how often to do a full service. Some modern systems will only need maintenance every couple of years. Older systems are more likely to require frequent checking. Invest in the service your HVAC needs and you'll be rewarded with a heating system that lasts for as long as possible.

Is it Time to Replace Your Heating System?

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