It’s Time For Your Annual Air Conditioner Check-up!

A technician performing air conditioning maintenance and checking for possible problems.
Apr 2017 14

Spring is finally here and as we all enjoy the increasing temperatures outside, let’s not forget that the cooling season is coming to our homes. Now is the perfect time to check up your air conditioning so that you can enjoy a comfortable and energy efficient home without a worry all summer long.

If you aren’t experienced with cooling units, an air conditioning technician could help you ensure that your unit is in the best possible condition and working efficiently. Most of the technical work on your equipment should only be performed by licensed professionals to ensure that your air conditioner is not harmed during the process. However, our team at HVAC Experts Chicago have prepared a checklist you can use to perform an inspection of your equipment while you’re spring cleaning your home.

A checklist for air conditioning maintenance

Ready to take a look at your air conditioner? Here is what you should do:

  • Perform a visual inspection of outdoor units
  • Remove any vegetation or materials that block airflow
  • If possible, shade outdoor units with trees or bushes to eliminate direct sunshine
  • Check insulation from the condenser to the compressor
  • Check air filters
  • Clean/replace filters as needed

Noticed something wrong with your equipment? We highly recommend that you do not attempt repairs yourself, even if you’re sure you can handle it - you may cause more problems than you solve. Instead, call us at (630) 216-8883 for prompt, reliable, and affordable help.

What does a HVAC expert do on a maintenance call?

Since most of our clients are curious about what what we do during our air conditioning maintenance calls before they book our services, here is our checklist:

  • Inspect outdoor units
  • Remove airflow blockages
  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Inspect electrical connections and tighten as needed
  • Clean equipment
  • Calibrate thermostat
  • Inspect ventilation
  • Oil motors
  • Check condenser
  • Check insulation
  • Check air filters and clean/replace as needed
  • Perform repairs as needed

Of course, this checklist varies from case to case as we solve all of the potential problems we find while inspecting your equipment. We don’t like to take our chances and leave something uncertain, so you can expect us to be thorough, attentive, and patient with your equipment. We also answer any questions you may have about HVAC - just don’t be shy and ask.

Schedule your appointment with HVAC Experts for air conditioning maintenance

Performing regular maintenance ensures that your air conditioner is working efficiently and provides your home with the comfort you deserve. It also prolongs the life of your unit and reduces the risk of breakdowns so that you wouldn’t have to spend your summer vacation money on a new unit. So schedule your appointment with HVAC Experts and have your air conditioner maintained now - we will make sure your equipment is in the best possible condition!