5+ Reasons to Clean the Air Ducts in your Home this Spring

A man is inspecting the air ducts before determining if they need cleaning.
Feb 2017 13

Clean air ducts are beneficial not only to the indoor air quality, but to your health, HVAC efficiency and the overall well being of your home. Here are the 5 reasons why cleaning the air ducts in your home should be on your spring to-do list:

  • Allergies. Your air ducts are the perfect place for bacteria, fungi, mold and other allergens to breed and thrive. By having professional air duct cleaning services performed in your home, you can protect your household from harmful particles and lessen the allergy and asthma symptoms.
  • Mold. A common area for the air ducts is the basement of the house, and since most basements have a quality of being wet or at least damp, this moisture makes your air ducts the perfect place for mold or mildew to grow in. Thorough duct cleaning removes the microbes from your home but it must be combined with preventive measures for moisture control in order to ensure the problem doesn’t occur again.
  • Pets. Do you know how your pet’s hair seems to get everywhere in the house? Well, your ventilation system has trapped it too. Animal fur brings in germs, fungus and allergy-causing bacteria into your ductwork and not only is it transmitted into your indoor air, it can also lessen the efficiency of your HVAC system and slow down the airflow in the entire system.
  • Dust. If it feels like you have to dust every day, you should probably have an air duct inspection. Many modern homes have drywall dust and construction debris in the ductwork before the new owner even moves in, and this dust continues to circulate through your ventilation system and settle on your belongings.
  • Efficiency. Dust build up, mold, moisture, pet hair and other pollutants slowly make their way into your HVAC system and cause harm to it as well as the airflow. A reputable duct cleaning contractor will clean the air ducts in your home thoroughly, including HVAC components, and ensure proper airflow that helps your system run efficiently.

The aftereffects of cleaning the air ducts are almost instant. Our customers often report reduced dust accumulation, easier breathing, fewer headaches, and reduced air conditioning bills after we’ve cleaned their ventilation systems. And even though there isn’t much scientific data that links clean air ducts to improved health, we believe that the results our customers are happy about speak for themselves.

Should you take a look at your dryer vent, too?

The answer is: absolutely yes! Dryer vents that are clogged with lint are one of the leading causes of home fires in the U.S. - and it can be avoided so easily. Besides, dryer vent cleaning comes with additional benefits, not just reduces the risk of a fire. Clean dryer ducts ensure proper airflow for your dryer which makes it work more efficiently, increases its life expectancy and reduces the wear and tear of your clothes, meaning they will look good longer. A dryer that’s working efficiently will also cause your energy bill to decrease, as your clothes will dry much faster after cleaning the duct. This is why we recommend that you take a look at your dryer vent and if you notice lint buildup inside it, call us at (630) 216-8883 and we’ll make sure that your dryer is getting the airflow it needs.

Why choose a professional to clean the air ducts in your home?

Choosing an experienced contractor to clean the ducts in your home is much more beneficial that taking up a DIY project for several reasons. First of all, we can identify not only if your air ducts need to be cleaned, but what possible problems caused the ducts to become clogged in the first place and advise you on how to fix it for long term results. Since we’re experienced with various types of systems, we make sure that the ductwork is cleaned spotlessly - and since we know exactly what we’re doing, we make sure that each component of your equipment is cleaned thoroughly. And lastly, we have the necessary equipment that makes cleaning ducts much easier, faster and efficient than coming up with DIY measures to get into the maze that is your ductwork.

So, if you haven’t given much thought to the ventilation system in your Chicago home lately, contact duct cleaning contractors at HVAC Experts and we’ll make sure they are cleaned thoroughly! We offer free inspections to determine if your ducts need to be cleaned, and currently offer a $50 discount on our duct cleaning services. So, don’t wait and contact us now!